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Since 2008

When Timm Cuzzo, started his first company at age 15. He started by cleaning his neighbor’s cars, like many young men, but he did not stop there, he continued to build the business. When he was 16 and got his first truck, he took the operation mobile, opening up the opportunity, with a totally self-maintained truck this allowed him to provide services all over, no longer only in walking distance of his home. By the time he graduated High School, he had a second mobile unit, employees and was offering a complete line of mobile electronics in addition to the services. He continued to provide reconditioning services and sell electronics to the retail market and automotive dealerships.

Nearly a decade later, In 1998, he decided it was time to make a change, so he sold the business including its 3 service units. After doing numerous other ventures over the next few years in and around the automotive industry. He worked with dealerships, helping them with technology, process, and marketing. Then, one day he came across a unique vehicle cleaning service that utilized an environmentally friendly product, a waterless car wash. The entrepreneurial light bulb went on, again.

Early 2007, he decided to start working and researching the eco-friendly automotive product industry. During his months of research, he found that these products are mainstream in many other countries. He decided that there was a void that could be filled here in the United States and he wanted to provide a simple, easy to use high-quality waterless car wash product.

Later that year, he completed development of his initial products. They were completed, tested and the name was unveiled. Planet Drywash is now available online and Timm is very excited about the product. He will continue to work on new product until he has the premier waterless product in the market.

Thanks for your interest.

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